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I think it has to do more with the fact things in Hollywood seem like a great American dream with true Amazment, but its really just a fake, made by hollywood To Logan in Troy, MT: Blender Magazine does that a lot, if the lyrics are to hard for thier little brains to get they automaticly say it's bad.They rated Niel Peart in the top 40 of the worst lyricts in rock. The lyrics are so mysterious and make me wonder how and what is the meaning of such beautiful words.

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You shouldn't seperate these 2, -First born unicorn, hardcore soft porn- I think it means that if the first unicorn of the world will be born, it would almost be no big deal because Hollywood has already weakened our minds, back in time it would have been the biggest thing ever.(Hardcore first, soft porn later) Anybody agree's?

Hey, Thanks to everybody that left his comment here. I need to do a presentation of this song with it meaning and everything for school, and i just wanted to thank all of you.

the industry being fake ,but lets face it we all want a small piece in 2011..the faith..in peace .music of the sphere's was considered to be the most most beautiful sound possible in the universe prior to our modern understanding of how planets actually move.

In the 16th and 17th century all celestrial bodies were imagined to be moving on glass spheres.

The music have a very strong character, it's simple but have notes that really come from the heart and blends well with the strong and sharp meaning of the lyrics.. 4 thumbs up; other two come from my friend :=)anthony keidis first got the idea for the song on holiday in india were he was recognized on the street and he saw RHCP shirts for sale on the street and he realized how american culture has penetrated nearly every country in the word Well Mel i am from California and lived there for many years and i dont think anyone thinks of Cali like that at all.