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Thankfully CB has lot of women so the het guys not after the tokens do still come there. domlovetats33 is definitely straight but he does a great show and knows where the tips come from. Once in a while a hot woman will come into his room and he'll go off and chat with her. There's not a whole lot of women watching the male performers. that women prefer to read erotic novels than watch porn. Someone just tipped jd a lot of tokens but you can tell it's a fake tip because the font looks a bit different.artemal was in a really good mood last night. The other was a young British big-dicked bottom with a winning personality.And guys are competitive and like to show off when tipping. R159, I gather you mean 'wouldn't show anything' before.Apparently he had some family issues (sick or dying grandmother? R71, I very rarely get Flash crashes even though they do sometimes happen but only maybe few times a month.

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He's apparently done shows with some other guy earlier under a different name. They might not look like Sean Cody models but they are so sexy. Why are there always these cunts in the chatroom telling people to do a ticket show?

There was this new guy doing his first show and he didn't know much about the site. R163/R164, I sometimes tip and I don't see problem with people doing ticket shows.

Alex_bigc's dick just looks gross and groteouse to me. Plus it takes more confidence for smaller guys to show it and confidence is sexy. What I am shocked by is how many people use their real names on the site.

I actually prefer to watch guys with smaller dicks.

So I think maybe some people have either given up on Chaturbate or are doing it a lot less often. I've been a Cam4 watcher for years and it's very rare for cammers to last long there. For some it's fun to try time or two, or more if they find audience really loving them.